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Psexec batch file

Psexec batch file

Name: Psexec batch file

File size: 609mb

Language: English

Rating: 10/10



You have an extra -c you need to get rid of: psexec -u administrator -p force \\ -s -d /c "C:\Amitra\". Hello. I am trying to run *.bat file on a remote computer using psexec tool. I need to run psexec using domain admin credentials, otherwise i will receive "access. I just wanted to launch a simple batch file ( with PSEXEC on a remote computer. I saw the "" process in Task Manager but no.

I have a batch file available on LAN shared folder \\Server\folder\ I wanna run it on sing machine using usually i copy the. psexec \\RemoteMachine /c start c:\ from the Windows Resource kit to schedule the batch file in a few seconds. psexec -i 2 -d \\Server -u Domain\Username -p Password c:\Path\to\ I'm afraid I'm not entirely sure why this works, but having come.

I was able to successfully call the Batch file on the remote server using PsExec directly from CMD but when I encapsulate the PsExec command. (In early versions of PSEXEC: Load the user account's profile, don't use with -s) -f Copy the specified program even if the file already exists on the remote system. Even if you're not wanting to run it as a process, MichalGajda already gave you the ideal solution to run a batch file remotely. PSEXEC, which is. Hi all, so I've been trying to write a script that'll run a file. It's a simple idea that i run a batch file from autoit using the codes below wit.


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